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  1. This is an excellent website and an approach to the recording of vernacular architecture, existing and disappeared that should be spread across Europe. With a particular interest in the craft of the carpenter and the training of skilled craftspeople for future work on heritage protection and sustainable construction, all such sources of information and historic data recording traditional materials and techniques are of great value. Thank you for the data translated into English.

  2. This is a most fascinating & worthwhile project, indeed. By systematically cataloguing old photographs of these irreplaceable & precious buildings, many of which have all but disappeared since, the project provides an invaluable resource for anyone keen to see & understand the way the countryside looked when such buildings were an integral part of the cultural landscape. Greatly appreciated and beautifully done.

  3. Since years, I have the chance to follow the intense research work conducted by SOVAMM and also to exchange ideas on relations of Czech-Austrian vernacular relations, for which I am greatful to members of SOVAMM.
    Regarding research work on vernacular architecture, SOVAMM raised a major and exemplary work from a European architectural historical point of view.
    SOVAMM means an important step forward in terms of documentation and protection of architectural heritage and in terms of giving building traditions the needed respect.

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