Association for the Renewal of the Village and the Small Town (SOVAMM)

The Association for the Renewal of the Village and the Small Town (Společnost pro obnovu vesnice a malého města, z.s. – SOVAMM) was founded in 1990 as an association of professionals and those interested in vernacular heritage. The main objectives of SOVAMM are:

  • to study rural space and various countryside sections (cultural landscape, settlements, buildings) and those activities in the rural space that have influenced its appearance.
  • to protect and preserve  historical regional diversity, or more precisely its renewal and conservation for the future.
  • to study social and cultural development and current condition  of villages and small towns
  • to study, document, and help to protect, preserve and renew all values of individual buildings and entire preserved historical sites, including their layout and neighbouring cultural landscape.
  • to promote local social integrity in its social, economic and cultural aspects through the public awareness of the importance of cultural heritage.

SOVAMM is an association with individual members. These are professionals as well as amateurs who agree with the programme of the association and who have reached important results in the field of their interest.
SOVAMM has tens of members from the whole of the Czech Republic.

SOVAMM has been working on several projects supported by the Czech Science Foundation the Ministry of Culture – for example:

– Atlas of Vernacular Architecture in Czech Republic
– Detailed Survey on Architectural and Urban Heritage in the Podyjí National Park – a model of the GIS and system of urban stability
– Litomyšl and Vysoké Mýto Region. Inventory of architectural and urban heritage, documentation and sources, presentation by GIS.
SOVPIS – spatial information system of vernacular (rural) architecture, including technical entities and settlements

SOVAMM also participates in international research projects on earthen architecture.

SOVAMM is a member of the ECOVAST international non-governmental organization as well as of other associations.

Spatial information system ¦ SOVAMM