About SOVPIS localities table

The table “SOVPIS Localities” includes a summary of localities for which the SOVAMM archival documents are published step by step through the Photo Station app.

The table includes for each locality, which has already been published in PhotoStation, an image of a chosen photo, the locality code (code_cz), the locality name with specifying data from the field Locality_G of the CZ_Retro database (a historical region / a real type of locality, for example: a city, a village, an agglomerated village, a solitary settlement, a farmstead, a mill, an abandoned village, an abandoned mill etc.)., a link to the map of the Heritage Catalogue, SOVPIS folders accessible through Photo Station, and SOVAMM documents stored in MIS.

The table facilitates the full-text search / filtration by entering the text string in the field “Search”. The default setting is for ten records per page. The user can change the number of displayed records by his/her selection in the roller “Displayed records”. If a higher number of records shall be displayed, then browsing is made possible by switching < Previous ¦ Next > on the right-hand side under the table.




Updated: 26/01/2020 15:23

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